Condenser Fan Motor Running Backwards – the Story

What Is So Fascinating About Condenser Fan Motor Running Backwards?

Some motors require lubrication one time a year while some are sealed and never require lubrication. You will discover this motor has some added wires. You should finally have the new motor connected to the top and the 3 wires hanging from the plastic tube.

After the capacitor becomes low on charge, three things can occur. Like a faulty fan motor, a poor capacitor will normally will need to get replaced. The capacitor also needs to be checked with an ohm meter from each terminal to the event of the capacitor to produce sure the capacitor isn’t grounded. More typically, the starter capacitor is mounted in addition to the housing below a metallic dome. 99% of the time that it is a faulty capacitor.

Every time the motor is operating. In this instance the motors are approximately the exact same height. Lastly, it can just stop running altogether. Those motors are called permanent split capacitor motors. If previous motor proved to be an exceptional design, a stock motor may not have the capacity to duplicate the performance.

Introducing Condenser Fan Motor Running Backwards

A whole lot of motors will have a couple of added wires coming off the windings. Reversing the motor is only a matter of moving the power connection so the other winding is directly on AC. If it is run using an extension cord, verify that this extension cord is properly sized for motor’s current draw. Now lift up the surface of the compressor unit so it’s possible to get to the fan motor.